Visuals of the Neonatal Unit


This is the rough mood board I’ve been working on for our live project with the NHS at the Neonatal Unit. I’ve gone with tone blue, as for me it represents calm and relaxing mood.

A lot of people are a little afraid to use this color because it can be a very cold color, but the thing is if you apply it properly you can never be disappointed. There are many ways of completing the blue color scheme to make it perfect for your room. Every room can be an oasis of relaxation, and have a clean aesthetic with an elegant combination of blue with other color. Use the naturally soothing quality of the color blue to transform a room into your own personal retreat. Completed with the natural light from outside this color is enhancing the space, highlighting each element that helps in the great interior design. With applying of this color in your home interior, you will have a bunch of positive effects. Get inspired by these looks from the palette of blue, and find your favorite shade for decorating.


Rendering – This is an example of a rough visual of one of the overnight bedrooms in the Neonatal that I’ve been working on using Photoshop. I’ve chosen Neutral Colours. A calm, neutral backdrop allows me to bring out some pretty bold elements into my design that may otherwise look garish.

Layering textiles is the key to creating a warm, well-designed space, and neutral colors allow you to create this space more easily.


This is the best feature of neutral colors—you will never grow tired of them. Neutral will always be a classic. If the mood strikes and you decide you need some vibrant hues in your life, then you simply add a few inexpensive pillows in a bold color, or buy a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers.


Bathroom Ideas – Mood Board




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