Miller Homes

Brief: This is another live project that we have been offered to do with the ‘Miller Homes’. We need to create a contemporary design for the fifth bedroom, a careful use of colour is required to creat space, but not being too safe with the design as it needs to have the wow factor, we need to create an aspirational design, a use of different textures to give a feeling of luxury whether that is in the fabrics, furniture or wallcovering.

As the purchased would most likely be a bigger family, this room may have dual use, so the design should incorporate the room being used as a study, possibly with a day bed/additional relaxation area.


first-floor-planOur aim to design a room scheme for the fifth bedroom in Miller Homes latest development at Heathlands, Sandbach.

As the Buttermere is a family housetype, the vision is to create a contemporary show home design aimed at a family with children.

They would be savy on the current trend and understand fashionable colour schemes, possibly being influenced by bars and restaurants they visit. However, the décor must still be practical for a young family.

The rest of the home has a palette of navy’s and cream, and a contemporary country feel.millers2So I decided to put these furnitures together as a sample board. All furnitures are from IKEA, very minimal looking.

Home Office Inspirations


Photoshop Rendering

I have chosen to do a House Office, with very minimal design.  Navy & White, with copper or grey decors.

Photoshop Rendering


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