Honours Project: History

History of Regent Cinema


SITE.jpgPhoto Taken by Me. 

The Regent proved to be a popular cinema up to 1969 when it started to be used for bingo during the week showing its last film “Cromwell” on the 23rd October 1971.

During its time as a cinema, it had always been operated, run and owned by private companies but at its closure it then passed in the ownership of multi-national companies, the first being Coral who converted The Regent into a designated bingo hall opening in August 1973. It had its ownership and name changed on a few occasions the last being Gala in 1993. Each name change included a refurbishment to the building in 1983, 1987 and 1994. The rake floor to the ‘stalls’ were levelled in one of these refurbishments and the building next door was knocked into to create a new entrance and facilities. The economics and viability of bingo was lost and the next transition of the building occurred in 2007 when it was converted into a snooker and pool hall.





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